For weddings, funerals, baptisms and home visits, please contact Rev Joe Cant. For other enquiries, please contact one of the Church Wardens.

Area Rector  Rev Margaret Sherwin

to book a baptism ,wedding or funeral please contact the office at St Mary’s


Key Minister to Marchington, The Woodlands, Kingstone and Stramshall

Revd. John James        Moisty Lane  821531     07443414436

Licensed Reader
Maggie Hatchard, 1 Church Close. 01283 820207,    e-mail

Church Wardens
Sandy Halcrow, Coverdale, Allens Lane. 01283 820346

Lynda Nicholson    Rose Cottage    Church Lane     01283821374

Deputy Church Wardens
Tom Castle.     27 Woodland Views. 01283 820486. rhoda.castle@btinternet

PCC Secretary       Kate Hart

PCC Treasurer   Gordon Marjoram.      The Square.

Electoral Roll Officer :     Tom Castle    01283 820486

PCC Members
Thelma Brassington, Tom Castle, Liz Morgan, Joyce Halcrow, Maggie Hatchard, Reg Husey, Helen Pegg, Valerie Whitehead, Jenny Wilson,  Claire Marjoram.

Ministry team Maggie Hatchard, Liz Morgan, Thelma Brassington, Ginny Oday And Fiona Neads and either . Sandy Halcrow or Lynda Nicholson

Child Protection    Amanda Shaw

Parish Magazine  Editors    Ginny Odey  01283820641

Adverts.   Tom Castle.    01283820486

Bell ringers     Margaret Wragg

Messy Church      Maggie          820207

Edward Bear.      Thelma Brassington.           820447