House Groups

Maggie’s bible study group

 Bible study group meets on alternate Tuesdays

at 1 Church close.

there will be no meetings during July  and August

Everyone welcome



Home Communion

We have a small group who meet at Thelma’s house, once a month, to take Communion, if you would like to join this group then give Thelma a ring. Transport can be arranged and afterwards enjoy a chat over a cup of tea.


If you are ill or you are unable to join in this group we can always arrange for you to have home Communion. Telephone a Churchwarden who will be able to arrange this.

Anyone is most welcome to join this group especially if you are able to help with the transportation.

Morning Prayers

Morning  prayers are said in the Vestry every Thursday at 9.15 am.
All are very welcome to join us.


please pray for all who live in these areas,

July 1st  –       Silver Lane, Church Close, Church Lane

July 8th-        The Square, High Street, Hall road

July 15th-      Allen’s Lane, Allen’s Croft, Bag Lane

July 22nd-       MoistyLane , Windmill Drive

July  29th-     Jacks Lane, Woodland Views