Sunday 1st September


Holy communion

Leader: Wendy

         Readers : Thelma and Mandy

Intersessions :  Gill

Sidesperson :  Joyce

Coffee :    Joyce

Flowers:  Mary


Sunday   8th September

Celtic Communion


Leader :  Maggie

Readers:  Denise and Tim

Intersessions  :  Ginny

Sidesperson:   Sheila

Coffee:  Pat

Flowers:  Lynda


Sunday :  15th September

Holy Communion and  Baptism


Leader :   Ginny’s

intersessions :

Readers :  Rhoda and Ian

Sides person:  Kath

Coffee  :   Sue and Ralph

Flowers:   Joyce


Sunday  22nd September 

Holy Communion


Leader:   Maggie

Intercessions : Thelma

Readers  :  Gordon and

Sidesperson :  Tim

Coffee : Ginny

Flowers:   Thelma


Harvest Festival on 29th September at 9.30 will be led by Maggie.  Collection will be donated to Fountains of Peace. Please bring contributions for Sanctus. This will be followed by lunch inthe Village Hall at 1pm.



 A warm welcome awaits you at all of our Services.

Tea and coffee after the service in the Vestry.

Church Sept 06-2