Sunday. 1st August

Holy Communion led by Rev. Chris Brown

9,30 am

Sidesperson: Joyce Halcrow

Readers: Ian Jones and Rhoda Castle

Inter sessions.: Claire Marjoram

Flowers: Joyce Halcrow.

Coffee: Pat Wilson


Sunday. 8th August

Holy Communion led by Area. Chris Brown


Sidesperson: Valerie Whitehead

Intersessions: Liz Morgan

Readers : Joyce Halcrow and Fiona Neads

Flowers : Lynda Nicholson

Coffee : Kath Wood

Sunday 15 th August

Holy Communion Led by Rev Jules Walker


Sidesperson: Joyce Halcrow

Readers: Pat Wilson and Tim Scott

Flowers: Gill Williamson

Intercessions: Wendy Scott

Coffee : Claire Marjoram

Sunday. 22nd August

Morning Prayer


with Fiona Needs

Sidesperson : Sheila Jones

Readers : Liz Morgan and Joyce Halcrow

Intersessions : Thelma Brassington

Flowers : Joyce Halcrow

Coffee: Joyce Halcrow

Area service.

Why not pop in to a service in another Church in our area . You will be made very welcome.

A weekly service from St. Mary’s , Uttoxeter can be found on Zoom.

For all Zoom Services contact Maggie Hatchard. 01283 820207