Our Churchyard

We have an open churchyard.

It is open for burials . To be buried in our churchyard you must live in the village or have connections ; family or relatives who have died previously.

We do have certain rules .

We abide by the rules of the Church of England and our PCC is able to add to these.

Rules of our Churchyard.

The church owns the churchyard , we make no charge for the burial plot.

We ask that the family observe the following:-

Headstones must be approved by the incumbent.

All local stonemasons will help you make the right choice.

Monuments must conform to a size .

White headstones are not allowed.

Wording and carvings must be approved by the incumbent.

Vases for flowers should be in the plinth not down the grave.

No ornaments, balloons, solar lights , curbing and photographs are allowed.

Please do not place silk or plastic flowers on the grave .

Wreaths : poppy and Christmas wreaths may remain for one month after which they will be removed.

Trees cannot be planted.

St. Peter’s will maintain the churchyard cutting the grass and hedges.

Mr. M Langridge regularly cuts the grass and hedges after nesting.

Should you wish to search for a grave of an ancestor the Church of England make a charge of £25.

Please be respectful , a Churchyard should be a place of peace and quiet.

We ask that dog walkers keep their pets on the lead, keep to the public footpath and clear up any mess.

please direct any queries to either Mrs. Lynda Nicholson 01283821374 or

Mr, Sandy Halcrow. 01283820346.