Area Prayer Groups and Services

Everyone is most welcome to join in any prayer. Groups , services or events .

The commonwealth games


Area Bible Study

Led by Revd

Rev’d Margaret Sherwin

6th July. at 7.30pm. At the Rectory All welcome. Bring a Bible

Stramshall. Have a zoom service every 1st and 3rd Sunday if you cannot get to Church.

Please contact.






Under the Church Representation Rules any lay person may have their names added to the roll.

IF. You are over 16

Signed an application form obtained from a Churchwardens

Are a member of the Church of England or any church in Communion with the Church of England

A resident in the parish or habitually worship at St. Peter’s during the 6 months prior to the application

Or a member in good standing of a Church which is in good standing which subscribes to the doctrine of the Holy Trinity and habitually worship there for 6 months prior to applying.

Forms must be completed by April 5th in order to attend the APGM.